Partner Projects: Olivette
Black Creek Rain Garden

Aerial photo of yard

Front and back yards have been re-landscaped to hold back 90% of annual rainfall events that would contribute to watershed flooding, erosion, and water quality issues during wet weather conditions. Stormwater captured on site is slowly released into the environment through infiltration, evaporation and evapo-transpiration mechanisms, thus restoring a broken hydrologic cycle. Native plants with deep roots break up and improve the porosity of high clay soils. A children’s sandbox is repurposed as a planter box. Sculptural trees complement outdoor art pieces, while dead and dying trees are integrated into the landscape as natural works of art that attract wildlife and replenish soil nutrients. A rectangular pond recycles chemical-free water for fish and nurtures wandering frogs; a passive solar addition to the home lowers the heating and lighting costs while inviting the outside indoors.

With the assistance and guidance of a landscape architect and professional horticulturalist, the gardener/artist wife and her engineer husband have lovingly created this small oasis. Ever the acute observers, these two find the tweaking and finessing of details to be a continuous process and life-long commitment.

Thanks to Lewisites, Inc. for sharing the photos in the slideshow above. The front yard rain garden was designed and installed by Cindy Collins, Hartke Nursery. Backyard landscaping and design was completed by Lewisites, Inc.

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